Why are my Ads Not Receiving Impressions?

TrafficJunky offers a range of tools and features for advertisers to help them optimize their advertising performance. With the introduction of TJ DSP, we provide advertisers with greater effective options that allow them to connect with a targeted audience for their ads. However, in certain situations, ads might not be viewed by an audience. Let’s discuss and go over the most frequent reasons your advertisements may not get impressions and what you can do about the issue.

Causes for why your advertisements aren’t receiving any impressions

  • The daily budget of campaigns will prevent the advertisement from running and generating impressions when it has reached its maximum amount of daily spending. A change in the budget could allow that ads continue in order to get more impressions.
  • Your bid may be small. The bid amounts will allow your advertisements to receive impressions based on the campaign settings and other advertisers ‘ bids in real-time auction. Bid adjustments can increase your chances that you will win the auction and expose ads to the intended public and to receive the desired impressions.
  • Poor targeting. Targeting tools allow your advertisements to reach users who are at the appropriate date and time. The incorrect use of targeting features could result in lower or no impressions for advertisements.
  • Utilizing non-contextual keywords or over-loading campaigns by using keywords that are not relevant could reduce or even stop impressions on advertisements. If the keywords chosen in a campaign cannot be included in the website’s content, the ad will not be viewed. Keywords are linked to the search terms that are displayed on our site’s search engine as well as tags are placed on the video content. Utilize a handful of relevant keywords to boost the chances of ads to reach the right people and to get more views.
  • A ad may be blocked by Autopilot (if activated at the time of campaign creation) because of its poor performance. Autopilot is an attribute that optimizes ads you run in your campaign through conversion. If the feature is enabled and an advertisement isn’t getting conversions it will be removed from the rotation. Autopilot will eliminate it in the next cycle.
  • Animation-based ads aren’t available on websites that do not accept animated ads. Our platform does not allow animated ads across all sources. There are two kinds of animated ads that are allowed by our service: Full-motion as well as 2-second animated. Visit our Rules and Regulations section to find out more about which sources allow which kind of animation.

TrafficJunky is committed to customer successand is always ready to assist you to improve your campaigns. Let’s show you how you can increase the impact of your ads by following the proper steps for your campaign.


Budget adjustment and bid

Advertisers are able to determine their maximum daily budget as well as maximum price for bids for campaigns during the 3rd step of the creation of a campaign.

When you launch an advertising campaign, you’re competing against other advertisers looking to display their advertisements in our top publisher websites. It’s a competitive market. The bidder who is the most competitive will be awarded impressions. If your bid is too small, your ads may not be able to get as many views as you’d expect.

The Max bid amount is the highest amount you wish TJ DSP for each impression. You can set the Max bid amount in accordance with the Max bid then the system will alter costs per impression but will not exceed the Max bid amount.

Based on the purpose of the campaign as well as the impact objective, determine your daily budget for maximum spending. If you have multiple sources to your ad display, make sure to adjust the budget in order to prevent the daily maximum budget to expire. Advertisements stop receiving impressions when your campaign is over the maximum daily budget.


Improve your CPM

Two strategies to maximize your CPM:

  • When creating a campaign process
  • After the creation of your campaign procedure, you will know when your ads are live, they will be

Let’s look at how you can maximize the CPM per source once you design the campaign.


1.) During your campaign creating process, in step 4 you will be given the option of turning ON and off”Manual Source Selection. “Manual Source Selection.”

Beyond manually selecting sources feature, if Bidder feature toggle is off and you turn on manual optimization it is possible to target particular sources and modify the CPM. In the event that the Bidder is ON it is not possible to edit the CPM by hand.

In the next step, step 5 of the campaign’s creation the table will provide the information per source. Choose the sources you wish to display in your advertisement. On the right-hand part of the table There are two columns The Your CPM and Min CPM.


“Min CPM” is the minimum price that is required by the source of the information. Minimum CPM is the lowest rate that is accepted. The system makes a suggestion price. Your CPM must not be less than the Min CPM. We recommend that you place your bid between 10% and 25% more than the minimum bid.

“Your CPM” will be set by the system to be an competitive bid, which will give you the impressions you desire. You can edit the amount that appears in “Your CPM” by clicking the pencil icon to edit.


2.) You can optimize your ads that are in the process of running. If you’re not getting impressions, we’ve made certain editing tools available through TJ DSP. Be aware that you must have manual Source Selection turned ON when you first started the campaign. If you did not, the next actions won’t work.

These steps are to be followed:

1.) Visit the Campaigns page to see a summary of the campaigns you have run.

2.) Choose the campaign’s name you’d like to edit.

3.) Next, you’ll be able to see on the next page, you will see Sources tab. Hit on the “+New Sources” button.

4.) You will be redirected to step 5 of the campaign’s setting. The table will display the details for each source.

Now , you can add or remove source(s) in the tables manually. Edit the bid amount in CPM column. Make use of the pencil icon for edit. Use the same practices as previously mentioned in “Your CPM.” Then it’s an exercise in experimentation and trial changing your bid to see whether increasing the amount of your bid to a higher price improves your impressions.


Use targeted features to increase views on your ad

The targeting determines which ad will be shown to the appropriate target audience.

TrafficJunky provides a variety of targeting options to meet your advertising requirements. The effective use of targeting features doesn’t just display your ads to the targeted target audience, but also boosts the chance that ads can be clicked.

Geo-targeting is an essential choice when creating a campaign. Pick a precise geo-location in which you are targeting your viewers to obtain qualified impressions for your advertisements. In TJ DSP, in your new campaign creation process you can choose to target a single nation per campaign. You can also add up to 50 cities and regions for each country you wish to target.

What else can you do to get better impressions, you might think? The answer lies in the use of contextual keywords.

What are the keywords you believe will be relevant for your advertisement? Relevant and contextual keywords and tags relevant to the advertisement will ensure that your advertisement appears with the relevant video content you have chosen for your sources, which can enhance the chances of engagement with your audience.

Utilize only the most effective and relevant keywords to target your audience and making an outline. If you do not have a list, come up with your own list of keywords. If you have a list of keywords, let’s make it a little more manageable. If you enter too many keywords, or irrelevant keywords could reduce the impressions on the advertisements.

On the basis of your list that you have created Based on the list you created, ask you and your team if your audience is likely to search for that particular keyword on our premium tube website sources, where your ads will be displayed? If you answer “No,” remove that keyword from the list. It’s wise to pick the keywords that you believe are pertinent for your particular campaign. After narrowing down the list it’s just a matter of A/B-testing those keywords in various campaigns to determine the keywords on which campaign receives more visitors.

You also have the option of excluding keywords from TJ DSP. Keyword exclusion, also known as negative keywords allows you to exclude keywords or search terms from your campaign. It blocks the system from showing your advertisements in conjunction with videos with words that are excluded. That way, you won’t receive unwanted impressions. You will get the most bang for your money by focusing on the right people only.


Here are two instances of how to utilize keyword targeting:

1.) Let’s say that you are marketing a sexual health product that is targeted towards males. You’d like to target males who are more likely to interact in an advertisement that is that is related to lotions, pleasure enhancers and Lubricants. Think like a customer and decide whether the viewers of the video content available on our sites on YouTube will be attracted by the advertisement or not. Use search term and tag keywords related to it to target that particular audience in order to get impressions. For instance, you could focus on keywords such as “ejaculation” as well as “semen.”

2.) If you wish to target the Transgender community through your ad, in the campaign settings, pick “Straight” within the targeting of the target group and enter “Trans” into the targeted keyword section.

Find out which keywords work well for your ads, and continue to optimize to get more views.


Benefits of Campaign Optimization

The statistics of impressions for an ad is a good way to assess the effectiveness of the campaign’s setting. So, changing the daily budgets and bid amounts while also optimizing CPM and the proper targeting options will help boost the reach of the ads you place on TrafficJunky. It is essential to try the best way to get the results you want to fulfill your advertising goals. We’re always here to assist you!