What’s Smartlink and how to utilize it?


If you’ve not heard regarding

What's Smartlink and how to utilize it

What’s Smartlink and how to utilize it

 you have obviously lost a great deal. Considering the proven fact that divineaff is the best choice among smartlinks (yes, a bit immodestly, but honestly), we decided to create a month guide on smartlinks especially for our affiliates. Adhere to our articles, there are lots of interesting things forward 🙂


We all know that to be able to work successfully, you need to go the difficult way. This consists of the domain/ web host purchasing, preland creating in addition to “three whales” of successful internet affiliate marketing (tests, tests, as well as again tests). That’s where Smartlink involves help us since the evolution of regular software development.


What’s the advantage Smartlink over conventional Cpa affiliate networks, you wonder. And here are a few reasons:


The whole infrastructure has already been built. Servers and CDN are configured so the user will open an image loaded in their country/location. Such a strategy maximally increases the actual speed of redirecting as well as creative displaying. That’s highly important since the download speed is the conversion and your hard earned money.

Prelands. We all realize that prelands give higher profit. You have to warm up the consumer before showing him the website landing page with the enrollment form. So, our team has prepared lots of prelands, translated into most languages from the world and optimized for just about any device.

But how about a funnel, a person ask? In divineaff, all preland-offer funnels have been tested and the actual algorithm selects the very best one, basing in your traffic working away.

Offers, caps, assessments, optimizations, penalty charges – you will get it out of the head. We curently have 6000+ tested offers within the platform, including in-house types, WL and unique offers. We guarantee that the user will always begin to see the most converting offer and you’ll not be billed conversions for bad performance.

Just a few “goodies” from smartlinks upon divineaff:


You can ignore reliable advertiser looking. We already possess the database to reveal. In addition, you’re no longer necessary to provide minimum amounts and quality. Depart these problems in order to us 🙂


divineaff provides detailed statistics. Within our affiliate network, you can observe the layout through verticals, countries, visitors type, connection kind, carrier and OPERATING SYSTEM (see the screen in the admin below). The Smartlink Conversion rates section displays all of your conversions and payments in it. How often would you guess by the actual stars what country calculates better? Stop taking a look at average results. We’re as open as you possibly can and are trying to increase your earnings. Only with divineaff, you can observe the most open up and detailed data.


We pay more regularly! Most direct advertisers pay monthly, we are prepared to pay every 7 days, accelerating the turnover of the money, we permit you to earn more.


Just advanced methods tend to be about divineaff. Certainly, you have currently heard that somebody earns more by utilizing scripts for extra monetization (backbatton, key in and exit pop-up, and so on. ), collects the base for drive mailout, etc. Still wondering how to get this done? We are conscious of all updates and also have ALREADY written everything for you personally. Keep calm and obtain your money 🙂


We offer 24/7 support. Our managers don’t sleep at evening, stock up with caffeine and therefore are waiting for your own message. Not sure finding the right info? The manager understands; )


In add-on, you can earn money on your buddies literally, because our affiliate marketer program offers around 5% with the actual referral program. Bring friends and earn in the referral profits.


As possible see, smartlink makes are easy as feasible and increases income. It only remains to test; )


Well, if we now have not convinced a person, you can usually choose any offer about the platform and focus on it directly. Simultaneously, our managers may always suggest that provides are in TOP the following and right right now and what creatives they are more effective with.


Let’s obtain conversions with divineaff!