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Money-treasure cellular games and historical settings generate higher revenues

Money-treasure cellular games and historical settings generate higher revenues

-insect-themed grew income from player investing by approximately 10x throughout 2021 to $27 zillion, according to brand new data from Sensor Structure.


While it’s not really entirely clear what’s generating the 904% increase in revenue, it would appear that money/treasure-themed mobile games are extremely popular, bringing in $4. 4 billion in america alone last 12 months.


The Ants: Underground Kingdom accounted for nearly 90% of participant spending in animal-insect styles, which means how the meteoric rise within gamer interest is probably driven by just one game.


The 2nd fastest-growing theme had been fashion, aesthetics, as well as hair where investing grew almost 4x in order to $307 million, then sports and searching which rose 3x in order to $18. 5 zillion.


The data also supplies a breakdown of in-game settings which implies that games with historic settings increased their own revenues by 32% in order to $1. 4 million, followed by higher fantasy at nearly 17% to $5. 4 billion and sci-fi having a revenue boost through 7% to $2. four billion.


However, contemporary settings scored greatest for consumer investing overall, bringing within $6. 3 million.


Now, what’s interesting here’s whether settings tend to be mere coincidence and also the success of the overall game dictates spending or even whether setting actively plays a role in players spending much more. Time and additional analysis will inform.


The top-grossing artwork style trends incorporated Neon, growing 114%, then hyper-casual (70%) as well as 3D Anime (58%).