Adult web marketers are confronted with obstacles every day time… Check out the very best practices for hiding one’s affiliate hyperlink for greater hyperlink visibility!


There’s lots of money to be produced in the adult internet affiliate marketing world, this you realize.

But when it involves the actual behave of PROMOTING grownup offers and RECEIVING traffic for your campaigns — the road isn’t always very easy.

Marketers are confronted with obstacles every day… through Web-browser plugins as well as extensions, to the restrictions from the social media-sphere that dominates the world.

So, what’s a genuine dude to perform?

Well, the one thing that you can do is go the additional step in not really making your grownup affiliate link therefore apparent.

URL Shorteners
Oh yes, glorious URL shorteners — gone are the times of old whenever shortening a WEB ADDRESS meant actually concealing it in an ideal way. Those were the times.

Don’t get all of us wrong though, all benefits aren’t lost. URL shorteners still serve an objective.

Sure, shortening that lengthy unsightly affiliate link could make things look “pretty” – however be under no illusion of the URL shortener totally hiding your hyperlink. These days, Web-browsers, social network sites, and many other programs can EASILY detect the hyperlink origin and place the kibosh upon any redirection included, as many people know all as well well.

But with that in mind, URL shorteners really are a necessity on social networking sites like Tweets, with its notoriously cruel 140-char restrict restriction. Link shorteners immediately help your links be shareable.

As a joint venture partner marketer, it can also assist you to hide your affiliate ID in addition to all your trackers. We discussed the importance associated with using trackers some time back, but – if trackers are specifically essential to your own optimization and channel strategy – you’ll possess a longgggg unsightly link very quickly. Long links really are a disservice to everybody, and shortening them may be the practical solution.

One of the most popular services open to shorten a hyperlink, Bitly and Goo. gl remain at the very top — but there’s a lot, plenty more available.

Redirecting Adult Affiliate marketer Links
A great preventative method of avoid getting one’s grownup link blocked, is to consider using redirections. While it is probably not 100% foolproof, it may sure be an extremely practical solution sometimes when done correct.

This technique will help you get past a few not-so-adult-friendly … as well as not-so-”Ad”-friendly algorithms Refocus with caution; there’s always the danger of seeing your own IP address prohibited or the WEB ADDRESS you’re using blacklisted in some instances.

Which is why you need to ALWAYS combine this method with an “outside the actual box thinking” which includes creating a website landing page specifically designed for social networking.

Of course, if you’re a talented programer, creating redirections might be pretty easy for you personally. There are even methods to automate the redirections of all of the links of your own websites. However, for many professional web entrepreneurs, this can be a daunting task.

For all those non-programmers, here’s what we should suggest you to complete:

Try Rebrandly
Among our favorite WEB ADDRESS link management solutions is known as Rebrandly. With a totally free account, you get access to an unlimited quantity of redirects and 500 top quality links, i. at the. shorter links built around your personal custom brand.

Right from the gate, Rebrandly offers basic metrics for example number of clicks in your links. However, in the event you require more in-depth reviews, you’ll need a subscription to a compensated monthly subscription.

The best thing about Rebrandly is actually how easy and fast you are able to create links without having advanced coding understanding. You choose the destination URL (ex: getting page), choose from the branded domain (default: rebrand. ly) and give a slash-tag with appropriate keywords.

Divineaff rebrandly instance

Try the Fairly Link WordPress Plugin
For those who have a WordPress web site, this is possibly the easiest method associated with redirecting your hyperlink. The plugin will it all for you by assisting you create links that look just how you want making use of your own domain title.

By creating short-term (302/307) and/or long term (301) redirects for your affiliate link, you will be able to get past the typical blockers and culprits by promoting a hyperlink that is vastly different to look at than the 1 you’re redirecting in order to.

And for a lot more features & assistance, we might actually recommend buying Fairly Link Pro. This upgrade allows a great deal more flexibility when it comes to the various kinds of redirection.

Redirecting along with. htaccess
Of program, if you don’t possess a WordPress site, you are able to always create redirects the traditional way — making use of your. htaccess file. This kind of redirection enables you to send your visitor to some new website whilst non-adult friendly systems & extensions still think that you’re on the website name / website a person linked or promoted to begin with.

To do therefore, just add this particular code below within the. htaccess file of the mainstream domain name you own (e. g., the website name that you intend to point to your own affiliate link):

refocus 301 /TheLinkName http: //www. YourAffiliateLink. com
Bear in mind, there are extra redirection types you are able to create using. htaccess. Nevertheless, don’t try to become too creative or even careless while employed in this file since the slightest mistake or even extra spacing with this code can lead to less-than-pleasant consequences.

So if you’re nevertheless a redirection padawan – and never yet a Jedi – utilizing a redirection htaccess code generator such as this one will help you avoid the typical mistakes.

Promote just like a Boss: Redirect carefully
Sure, in a perfect perfect world, we – as adult online marketers – wouldn’t need to hide our grownup affiliate links.

But since we don’t reside in that perfect globe, that’s simply false.

We can’t tension this enough, but using Redirects isn’t a license with regard to illicit behavior. Within an era of “Ad Hate” as well as “Ad Blockers” — good-natured Website owners and adult marketers who’ve always played through the rules are those feeling the effects of the and they’re those we wrote this particular post for these days.

There is an enormous difference between using redirects to achieve targeted visitors upon selected channels and redirecting to achieve as many people as possible at any price. Indeed, this last method may be the very definition of spamming and it is not allowed through



Redirection done right offers online marketers an “even playing field” throughout a time when emotion is negative — within an online world exactly where it almost feels as though there’s a war not only adult, but all ads/affiliate links generally.

As Spiderman’s Granddad Ben once stated, “With great energy comes great obligation. ”

While promoting adult content on the internet sensibly using a great redirection method can be viewed as a great power—one must make use of this technique responsibly.

Refocus responsibly!!