Introducing Public Segment Targeting

Introducing Public Segment Targeting

Introducing Public Segment Targeting

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of Public Segment Targeting, a new targeting feature which will let you concentrate on the ideal target audience by delivering the appropriate message!

What Is Public Segment Targeting?

Public Segment Targeting lets you to target audience segments based on income and neighborhood. You’ll be able identify which group is most responsive to your messages and which ones convert the best on their type of neighborhood and income median!

Using Public Segment Targeting

If you are creating your new campaign In the first step choose one country from the Geo-Targeting. If you select that the United States, you’ll be capable of turning off public segment targeting. In the next step, you’ll be able to choose between income or neighborhood.

Why Is Public Segment Targeting Important?


Based on the product you’re selling, your disposable income is an important element in determining whether customers buy. Are you offering an unplanned purchase or just a test? Are you offering a premium product? What ever you’re marketing, different groups are likely to convert differently. Likewise, the value of your average purchase or value for a lifetime customer will differ as well. There are a lot of assumptions to make however the facts could provide a different picture. It’s only a matter of time before you try!

Create campaigns that target various income segments You’ll probably notice a difference in the conversion rates. But dig deeper: a higher conversion rate doesn’t mean higher value! Pay attention to the post-conversion metrics of each and.


Population trends differ in rural, cities and suburban areas. Changes in population occur in a different manner and also there are diverse political views and perspectives in these regions. Why is this important to you?

It’s possible that politics don’t affect your campaign, but the it is likely that population density does! Cities are more dense than suburbs and suburban areas than rural zones. If you’re running a campaign, this implies that more people will see your message, or less. Perhaps your message is more effective in certain areas and less in other. Your “Find Singles in Your Area” call-to-action might not resonate with remote North Dakota (Eddy, North Dakota is home to the highest in the range that is 0.55 persons per square mile).

Create campaigns for various neighborhoods. Create campaigns that target different Segments and pay attention to the conversion rate and click-through rates. Optimize your creatives for your audience!

You Won’t Know Until You Test.

You may not have thought about the impact that the median income or the neighborhood type can have on your campaign. It’s not a problem! If you’re not testing actively the different options, you’ll not notice any the differences in conversion rates, or average value of purchases. Perhaps you’re not putting money into the right place or you’re wasting money on people who won’t make a difference. Begin testing today and improve your campaigns performance!

Get Started Today!

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