What is the difference between domain and offer?

domain and offer

What is the difference between domain and offer

One of the most popular support requests we get from our users is about domain changes. A lot of the time however, when we address these concerns during dialogues with our affiliates, we often learn that they are actually talking about the offer and not the domain. Due to this, we have decided to make a guide explaining more details about the terms domain and offer and how to make a distinction between the two. So, let’s begin!

What is the domain?

First of all, let’s understand the meanings of these terms. A website domain is a unique “address”. Without this unique address your site wouldn’t work. This address allows users to find their way to your site. Without it they wouldn’t be able to find your site and they wouldn’t see your content. divineaff has two kinds of domains — public and personal. Follow this link to learn more about them.

Domain issuance process

We now have new algorithms for the domains on our network. For example, each user has 1–2 public domains for each vertical in the default smartlink setting. Additionally, there is another option — to buy and add your own domain.

When it comes to users that display high quality traffic in large volumes we are happy to allocate personal domains for absolutely free!

Nevertheless, all domains are working properly and ensure users with stable smartlink’s work. It is the domain that takes responsibility for ensuring the stable and uninterrupted operation of the smartlink.

What is the offer?

An offer is an advertiser’s website. In other words, where the client goes after the pre-landing page. The main purposes of using pre-landing pages include “heating” the audience and increasing conversion. Using prelands gives additional information which arouses the user’s interest, helping to convince him of the need for the given product or service. This then serves to motivate him to buy or act on the advertiser’s website.

Offer and smartlink

As you know we have an automatic smartlink system on our network. The affiliate receives offers for each vertical and country based on the analytics of their traffic. Traffic is assessed by several parameters: quality, source, and volume. Moreover, the local reputation on the network also influences it.

As a result, we can’t change the offer manually because smart algorithms are configured in such a way as to select the converting option automatically.

The conclusions are:

We need the domain for stable smartlink’s work and each divineaff user can choose a public or personal domain, as well as add his own.

An offer is an advertiser’s website, which a user arrives at by clicking on a link or smartlink. There are different offers for each country and vertical; these offers are automatically selected based upon traffic quality and volume.

Rates (average cost per lead) are dynamic and depend upon the given offer. For example, in one country the rates can be from $1 to $4, since different offers are converted in different ways and each user has individual offers and rates.

We hope that our article was useful to you!