If you’ve never had the opportunity to learn about Smartlink and its benefits, then you’ve been deprived of a lot. Given that DivineAff has the best ranking in smartlinks (yes it’s a bit impolitely, but really) We made a month-long guide to smartlinks that is specifically designed for affiliates of ours. Check out our blog posts and you will discover a lot of interesting things to come.

It is a fact that to succeed it is necessary to learn the difficult method. This includes domain and host purchase, preland creation and the “three whales” of affiliate marketing that work (tests test, tests and tests). This is the place where Smartlink can help us in the advancement of the standard software development.

What’s the benefit of Smartlink over traditional CPA networks? You might be asking yourself this question. Here are a few reasonsto consider:

  1. The entire infrastructure has been in place. CDN servers as well as CDN are set up in a way that users can load a picture in the country of his choice or. This approach maximizes speeds of redirection and the creativity of display. It is vitally important since the speed of download is the conversion speed and you pay.
  2. Prelands. We are all aware that prelands yield more profits. It is essential to warm the visitor before showing them the landing page that includes the registration form. Therefore, our team has already created many prelands that have been that have been translated into all languages in the world and optimized for all devices.
  3. What is funnels is that you’re asking? In DivineAff’s DivineAff funnels have been thoroughly tested and the algorithm chooses the most effective one based on the traffic you’re working with.
  4. Caps, offers testing optimizations, penalties, tests You can easily get rid of it. We have over 6000 tested offers on the platform, including our own as well as WL and exclusive offers. We assure you that your customers will always get the highest efficient offer and you won’t be penalized for conversions due to ineffective performance.

A couple of “goodies” that come from the smartlinks section of DivineAff:

It is time to forget about the reliability of search results for advertisers. We have the database available to share. Furthermore, you’re not required to supply minimum quantities or high-quality. Let us handle these issues.

DivineAff provides comprehensive information on the statistics. Within our affiliate network, you can check out the layout in countries, verticals, verticals, traffic type connections, connection type, and operating system (see the screen below from the administrator below). In the Smartlink Conversions section displays all your payments and conversions on them. What are the times you decide from the stars which country is more efficient? Don’t be focusing on average results. We’re as transparent as we can and trying to improve your income. Only through DivineAff you will have access to the most detailed and transparent information available.

We pay more frequently! The majority of direct marketers pay monthly, but we’re prepared to pay weekly increasing the value of your cash, and we let you earn more.

The most advanced methods are only available through DivineAff. Perhaps, you’ve been told that a person earns more when using scripts to create further revenue (backbatton entry and exit pop-ups and so on. ) Also, it collects a base for push mailouts. Are you unsure of how to accomplish this? We’re well-aware of any updates and have already prepared all the necessary information for your. Stay calm and make sure you get your cash

We provide support 24 hours a day. Our staff members don’t go to bed in the evening, and stock with coffee and are waiting to receive your call. Are you unsure where to get the correct information? The manager knows.)

Additionally, you could earn money from your friends in real-time, as our affiliate program can earn up to 5 percent through the referral program. Invite friends to join and earn the referral earnings.

As you can observe, smartlink makes working as simple as it can be and also increases the revenues. It’s all that’s left is to try;)

If we’ve not convinced that you’re not convinced, then pick any offer from the platform and then work on it on your own. Also our team members can recommend which offers are currently at the top right now as of now, and which is the most creative ideas they can work with