Ways to get maximum profit along with Mainstream dating?

Ways to get maximum profit along with Mainstream dating

Ways to get maximum profit along with Mainstream dating

Dating is among the most popular verticals in internet affiliate marketing with wide target audience and highest CR. Need on dating visitors is stable as well as always shows excellent results.

What is actually Mainstream dating?

Mainstream dating is actually nisch where people searching for long-term relationships. Mainstream dating web site usually gather individuals by common pursuits and ideas for a lifetime. Payment models utilized in this verticals – SOI as well as DOI.


Main options that come with mainstream dating:

Audience: mainly men. Women usually get free use of the dating web site while men should purchase opportunity to make use of services.

Vertical works great on any Geo and age ranges of target target audience

All traffic resources are allowed, other than fraud and inspiration.

Traffic sources

This particular traffic is banned in mainstream relationship, so affiliate that runs mainstream offer is going to be banned immediately. Nevertheless, if you find reliable supply of quality traffic your profit increases significantly because associated with higher payouts. The very best traffic sources are internet sites, banner ads as well as push-notifications.



Tier-1 countries the best option for mainstream. For instance, USA investing mainstream dating a lot more than any other countries on the planet. Canada, UK and Australia – the following after US along with high CR.


Target audience:

According to B2B worldwide quiz in 2017 amongst 21081 respondents from age 16-40 through 32 countries, typical users associated with dating app tend to be 33 age (43% of users), use cellular app for conversation. 55% male as well as 25% – woman


Average age associated with users of relationship apps


Highlights in dealing with mainstream dating:

Focus on the quality associated with leads, not amount

Visual part of campaign is essential, attractive creatives will help you get audience

Tier 2 as well as tier 3 nations are better for novices. Recommendation: Latin The united states, Asia and Africa are great for testing.

The list of the very popular dating apps on the planet:


Why should you select Mainstream dating?

Unique SMART distributions program from divineaff is the perfect way associated with traffic monetization. It saves your time and effort and redirects visitors from different sources even probably the most difficult for screening. With smartlink a person don’t have to get offers, test as well as optimize your marketing campaign.

You have use of many offers and exclusives simultaneously, special conditioned as well as pre-tested funnels.

Smart algorithm get the most appropriate offer and will help you get maximum through you traffic;

Comprehensive real-time statistics.

The very best traffic sources with regard to mainstream dating.

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