Discover the very best Affiliate marketing discussion boards to suscribe in order to in 2022. We’ve gathered the very best 8 affiliate marketing platforms to switch ideas with like-minded marketers in the lowest cost.

Internet affiliate marketing forums were created just before dial-up Internet support and served like a precursor to current social networking threads.

If you believe social media is actually new, they aren’t. Actually, they date back so far as the 70s.

Therefore, why the fast history lesson? Internet affiliate marketing forums—or any forum for your matter—originate from round-table conversations and bulletin planks. They share exactly the same community-driven philosophy through days past. If people accustomed to gather around tables to go over tough questions; these days, they post content material and reply along with whoever decides to interact.

Since they tend to be, for the the majority of part, a centre for shared intel regarding specific topics, forums still play an essential role online. Prior to we share the 8 favorite affiliate marketer forums, we’ll explain a few stuff that make them nevertheless relevant and valuable regardless of the growing popularity of social networking networks.

Forums versus. Social Media Systems
Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Tweets, and other social networking platforms are a dime twelve. Unfortunately, they don’t provide the same anonymity degree as forums—something vital should you don’t necessarily would like your hobbies or interests to become public knowledge.

Anonymity Offers its Perks
In this way, joining a forum is really a fresh start with no judgmental luggage internet sites often bring. You’re not really Rob from sales, but someone having a pseudonym. You’re a empty slate with view on a subject of interest. That alone is really a considerable advantage over social networking platforms, where people can access your individual information. That alone could be met with harsh criticism when you post an unpopular viewpoint.

A Tailored Community for you personally
Another great point about forums is that they’ll be run through independent people. With independent forum administration, admins can form their communities by any means they want. The guidelines created by Reddit, for example, can become instead restrictive whereas regulations on the forum tend to be permissive. In the forum, there are absolutely no shareholders or worldwide policy to weigh in about the content.

Finally, forums tend to be more unique. If you check out Facebook, for instance, everything is therefore homogenous that nothing shines. Forums, however, are customized threads and supply a unique person experience at very little cost.

Sick from the corporate canvas? Forums could be a breath of outdoors. Here are the actual 8 essential internet affiliate marketing forums you should look at in 2022.

1. affLIFT

Set up: 2018
Cost: $20 USD/month
Vocabulary: English

Although the tad young (4 many years ), it edges your competition to be, within our humble opinion, THE affiliate forum a subscription to. As for that credibility of the actual forum, you simply need to look at it’s founder, Luke Full, who was an energetic and successful overall performance marketing executive for a lot more than 14 years.

The forum is cunningly setup to consider the most crucial concerns and interests from the affiliate marketers. The info on this discussion board is comprehensive as well as concise. There isn’t any fat to reduce. Everything is presently there.

What really edged affLIFT towards the top of this particular list was it’s thirst for data and it is numerous case research. For us, data analysis as well as real-world applications are two stuff that we believe just about all affiliates should grasp in 2022.

Affordable Premium Membership is definitely a Bonus

Whilst registration is free of charge, you can update your membership anytime to get into premium forum content material. The cost to join up for premium is actually $20 USD monthly. affLIFT currently offers over 100 free of charge public threads. However with premium entry, you get affiliate marketer guides, follow alongs, situation studies, and a lot more.


Beginner or professional, affLIFT should be in your radar as the very best provider for a joint venture partner marketing platform.

two. STM Forum

Set up: 2011
Cost: $99 USD/month
Vocabulary: English

Yes, this looks expensive. But if you’re able to afford it, StackThatMoney, otherwise referred to as STM, is really worth the cost. Comprised of the very successful affiliates on the planet, STM is a genuine premium community. Indeed, it’s private as well as yes, the expense is nothing in order to scoff at; however in return, you obtain access to incredible quality content material and tips, saving you thousands in the future. As they state, [online] knowledge is actually power.

Compared in order to free forums, the info you find on STM originates from experts in their own respective niche towns. The monthly subscription acts like a filter to only allow pros through, meaning those who curently have experience or are prepared to make it occur. As such, networking becomes incredibly efficient to understand and much easier when you’re surrounded with a community of affiliates who understand what they’re talking regarding.

3. AffiliateFix

Set up: 2011
Cost: Free of charge
Language: English

AffiliateFix has become the biggest, most important internet affiliate marketing forum on the planet right now. With 400+ posts daily and more compared to 100, 000 energetic members, the sheer quantity of information posted about this platform is enough to maintain you busy for a long period. All of this knowledge can be obtained for free upon multiple threads, which makes it a must with regard to affiliates.

More significantly, the community available is both sincere and insightful. Whether you’re seeking to hone your company management skills or simply need SEO tips since you just got were only available in affiliate marketing, just about all topics are protected.

4. Warrior Discussion board

Established: 1997
Price: Free ($97 USD for that War Room)
Vocabulary: English

One of the greatest and oldest towns, Warrior Forum is really a one-stop shop for anything associated with online marketing. There’s a ocean of threads you are able to browse through and read for more information about the forum and it is history.

Most members have joined during the last two decades because it’s been among a number of excellent communities on the internet. Attitude shines with this community because members genuinely like to help one another when it comes to all aspects of internet affiliate marketing.

Beware of Shylocks

The cons to consider about WarriorForum is that many threads get dropped. You’ll also look for a boatload of self-proclaimed “gurus” which will try to consider you under their own wing, offering that will help you drive more traffic aimed at your website. Unfortunately, this is really a waste of period, so always be cautious with any too-good-to-be-true so-called advertising experts. Stick to situation studies and don’t hesitate to dig!

5. GFY

Set up: 2000
Cost: Free of charge
Language: English

GoFuckYourself or GFY for all those in the know may be the #1 resource for affiliates within the adult industry, time period. The Sell&Buy forum is specially helpful if you’re seeking to offload domains, market traffic/links or purchase quality content. The majority of the users are old-timers which have 10+ years of experience in the market.

Opinions Run Crazy on GFY



Nevertheless, if you’re very easily triggered by questionable comments or possess strong political sights, you’ll love in order to hate this discussion board. Aesthetically, the graphics seem like a blast in the early 2000s, however for better or even worse, GFY remains a high affiliate forum in spite of its cons. It’s and will stay an OG within the adult industry globe.

There you’ve it, the best internet affiliate marketing forums available that you should join!

Depending in your perspective, we know that you’ll look for a forum that’s a perfect fit. As soon as you’ve decided, registered as a member, read, participate, and get questions. Who understands, someone out there may have the solution at their tips of the fingers.

Do you understand other forums or even platforms affiliates ought to use? Tell us within the comments below 👇👇👇👇👇.