The statistics display only traffic through accounts which I’ve produced from 10. 05 – 12. 10. The traffic may be coming for greater than a month. This case isn’t about big earnings, but more regarding reduction of routine while dealing with free traffic within TikTok.


First, you need to prepare videos, which you will upload to TikTok.

I accustomed to take already created videos from TikTok, customize them and change these phones fit the method we’re advertising all of them. You can consider video from any kind of “challenge” and songs from author’s accounts.


For example:


1) Obtain videos from TikTok.

We have to collect a listing of video links. Scroll the web page to where you need to find the correct videos and insert this code to the browser’s console:


“var video = document. querySelectorAll(‘a[class*=video-feed-item-wrapper]’); var l=[]; functionmyFunction(value)l.push(value.href);; video. forEach(myFunction); console. log(l)”;


We got a summary of links to movies.


Video Player


00: 00

00: 20


Now we have to download our movie from TikTok, ideally with no watermark. You may use popular download providers:

I purchased a proxy along with rotation (Litport. internet DC Shared Revolving $2) and prevented this restriction as well as downloaded the required videos.

Steps to make $475 from TikTok for seven days

Steps to make $475 from TikTok for seven days

2) Originality.



Handbrake – plan for editing movies. Available: rotate, reflection, cut, frame overlay, substitute audio, change the actual format.

FFmpeg – collection for video digesting. Any filters and objects could be applied to the actual video. This is really a universal tool for dealing with video.

In ffmpeg We used a reflecting + pink filtration system for uniqueness.


Additionally, I added a sound at the start of the video having a call to watch towards the end. At the finish of the movie I added the blurred photo with regard to 0. 6 mere seconds.




Many tiktokers make use of the photo placement method, thus attracting audiences for views, improving the video within recommendations.


3) Publishing a video.

Android smartphone with no SIM card. To alter the geo – apk SocksDroid, as well as Proxiline proxy through Proxiline on ALL OF US geo. Resetting the telephone every 5 acs, during my case once each and every 2-3 days.


The primary problems I possess met with:


Registration to postal mail didn’t pass whatsoever. Used virtual amounts. Geo numbers don’t issue.

Transferring the accounts to business and installing a hyperlink.

After a couple of accounts were produced, tiktok starts providing errors when installing the hyperlink and transferring the account to some business account. Solved this having a simple clicker which pressed the button although it was on the actual screen. With the hyperlink – similarly. Click on save until this skips.


If it didn’t skip 30 minutes, I made the delay of +- 6 several hours.


After receiving the hyperlink, I cut with the services. I created accounts from fifth to 12th associated with October. Something like 2-3 accounts each day. Uploading 9 movies per account.


I received some thing about 200-300 unique traffic daily.