Raise the Revenue of a joint venture partner Offer by 35% together with Push Notifications

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Raise the Revenue of a joint venture partner Offer by 35% together with Push Notifications

Аffiliates are always trying to find innovative revenue-generating routines, especially for alternatives that don’t demand ongoing work.

That is where push notifications can be found in.

As you possibly know already, the term “push notification” is employed to describe a form of ad that’s brought to users in the same manner as other alerts on the devices. Available regarding both desktop and also mobile, push notifications evolved from a forward thinking format to any staple found in many affiliate campaigns. Yet, this format can be used to boost your profits and also monetize the traffic you get, regardless of what give you are purchasing that for.

DivineAff is probably the leading push notice subscription platforms on the market, so our team is incredibly familiar with the workings with this ad format. Under, we’ll go over everything you must know to boost the revenue through press notification subscriptions.

Are Campaign Conversions Restricted to Individual Leads?

Most affiliates in which use pre-landers believe generating leads is in order to to make funds from these connections. The truth is that creating a pre-lander gives you the opportunity to monetize the traffic you get beyond simple offer you conversions.

For illustration, you can put in a DivineAff tag around the pre-landers you create so that you can collect subscriptions with out affecting the conversion rate with the main offer. Put simply, you’ll be merging both actions — changing leads into targeted traffic while collecting dues to monetize people simultaneously. This, subsequently, has the potential to improve your earnings around 35%.

Do Press Tags Affect Principal Offer Conversion Fee?

We’ve mentioned this kind of previously, but to be able to answer this issue: no, adding the push tag for the pre-lander doesn’t affect the key offer’s conversion fee.

The reason because of this is that the particular push notification fast looks native for the pre-lander, so the probability of it affecting sales or UX, generally speaking, are slim.

Simply how much Revenue Can An individual Potentially Generate?

How much revenue will hinge heavily on how many interactions you generate as you get paid for each and every new subscriber. You should check out the finance calculator on our homepage to have an estimate of one’s potential earnings.

The particular Set-Up Process

Setting up any DivineAff tag is easy at all! You can basically download our speedy start guide or speak to our team and also we’ll be glad to aid.

Is There Anything Else That can be done to Earn A lot more Revenue?

While push notice subscriptions already give you a superb way to build more revenue from the resources, there are several additional opportunities available in the event you partner with any platform like DivineAff.

DivineAff is in fact running a promotion that enables affiliates to create additional revenue. All you should do is register while using the promo code “DivineAff100” and you can realize your desire to boost the profits. In this kind of promotion, banners acquire double payouts, plus new affiliates get yourself a 100% bonus!