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These days we start Excellent Interview with people of divineaff group. You will fulfill our specialists nearer and learn particular their work. Not to mention we’ll share along with you practical guides as well as nice mood! Let’s proceed!

Affiliate Manager (AM) – the very first person who fulfill every affiliate after registration with whom he/she go to work. AM has got the complete information regarding offers, traffic and data which helps affiliate work.

Our AM Group has special miracle of communication as well as mix up well even most abundant in strict affiliate. Isn’t it time to learn much more about our multi-task group? Read below:


Hi! How is this going today inside your team?

Great! Good mood as well as sense of humour exactly what we have to achieve high outcomes, it’s important to remain active and good in communication along with partners.

Usually, first messages through our affiliates impact on all morning and how active it will likely be.


So, how would you get inspiration for effective morning?

We inspired through good performance as well as volumes of traffic received throughout the night) We possess friendly and inspired team, so we’re always ready with regard to challenges.


Can you list advantages/disadvantages of the profession?

We don’t have routine and not feel bored along with dynamically changes that people meet everyday. Internet affiliate marketing is constantly altering niche, so our work help us to wide selection of interests, follow trends and obtain new knowledges. Another good thing is that people meet many fascinating people living worldwide, with absolutely various traditions and lifestyle. Communication online doesn’t have boards. If It is suggested good offer with regard to affiliate’s traffic we will certainly find common vocabulary 🙂

Working affiliate manager I’ve many positive times:


– you never stop trying to find new knowledges as well as always develop with the industry;

– you don’t have problem searching for place on holiday. Just get touching partner whose country you likely to visit and obtain full guide within minutes: );

– get most recent news not in the newsfeed.


Сommunication along with people sometimes trigger misunderstandings or damaging reaction, however we attempt to get across each and every partner and think that one day respectful communication is going to be must-have for everyone. And one much more thing. Sometimes partner believes that his/her account may be the only managed by among our affiliate manager)) Actually, manager have in order to reply in 15+ chats at the same time, solve all queries asap and do not mix up the actual chats: ) Regrettably, some partners don’t realize that AM is real individual who occasionally need split and launch)))


Describe please your typical morning. Do you possess task list?

Managing of partners’ accounts is one stage of long list for any day: ) Let’s depart it secret)) In keeping, working day associated with AM is constant communication with companions and team, monitoring of real-time statistics to assist our affiliates obtain maximum profit.


How can you help your Team to handle emotional tension as well as protect them through burnout?

Our pleasant and coordinated group is never exhausted: ))) Honestly, it’s difficult question. From one side we now have enough interesting tasks with no time to end up being bored, from other – multitask can result in total weariness. The easiest method to recharge the electric batteries is vacation, teambuilding as well as party time: ))


The number of partners are handled by one affiliate marketer manager?

Every manager offers enough partners with no limit to excellence: )


Can a person describe the family portrait of successful website owner?

It’s a really interesting question. I believe, webmaster is driven, risky, communicable as well as patient person. It’s extremely important for affiliate to operate in with peresonal manager and provide feedback, listen to recommendation and become ready to check new offers as well as bundles. You’ll never understand what is your profitable niche before you test it. Anyway there is nothing impossible, just prepare yourself to work hard) We now have many partners have been new for internet affiliate marketing, but their confidence help these phones become TOP-partners and use us for several years.


How to develop friendly and advantageous relationships with affiliate marketer? How do a person motivate your companions?

The most hard thing – to exhibit that we are following a same goal. We can certainly help improve affiliates’ overall performance and grow earnings. AM always finds individual method of every affiliate and tries to construct trustful relationships.

What mistakes are typical for most companions?

Unfortunately, affiliate occasionally ignore AM’s guidance and hasten along with decisions.


Is your projects monotony or multifarious? Good or negative?

Our job is mixture of all above) We cannot highlight one of these simple points. We have comparable everyday tasks in addition to urgent and innovative.


Do you keep track of work of rivals?

Affiliate marketing can’t exist without evaluation of competitors: )


Exactly what traffic sources tend to be popular today? And what of these are lost it’s position?

Now FB is most widely used traffic source. Entrance, web and app spamming can also be among popular causes of traffic.

E-mail as well as Instagram has reduce position, however Insta visitors is quality, but very difficult to utilize.

Anyway we take all traffic kinds, except fraud as well as motivation: ))

Job interview with Affiliate Group of divineaff

Job interview with Affiliate Group of divineaff

What countries are usually at the very top list of visitors source?

We don’t have such listing of countries. It’s easier to say that targeted visitors will work upon any country, regardless of it’s India or even Sweden. Traffic quantity is more essential. We have companions who work just with TIER3 nations, as it expenses less. So it’s great for spamming – much more volume – you’re in plus! For instance, you spend $100 dealing with Asian country, and obtain $130 of income. It’s good result that may be scaled for optimisation.


How to be a successful affiliate – reveal your tips?


Use creatives as well as pre-landers which are much like the landing web page in design;

Test not just offers, but creative+pre-land;

Usually ask your affiliate marketer manager about provides (hold, payment rate of recurrence, what are best sources, are creatives supplied, etc);

Launch tests upon several offers along with good/big traffic quantity in equal amount for every offer. 10 clicks about the offer will never demonstrate full objective info;

Target your traffic based on the age of target audience and their preferences regardless of what vertical you’ve selected for campaign;

Don’t afraid to try new offers as well as don’t expect completely high payouts upon old offers. Generally, new offer offers higher CR as well as advertiser can modify payouts in few days after successful begin of campaign;

Work with traffic source in your corner, don’t rely upon network optimization just;

Don’t waste your time and effort looking for situation which brings a person high profits. Most cases you’ll find are outlive. Create your personal strategic: ).