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We’d like to reveal to you interesting case research with TikTok – typically the most popular traffic source.

Start the entire year with big cash! To your attention a brand new Case Study having a profit of $2479 upon Dating Smartlink divineaff as well as popular traffic supply TikTok. The profitable scheme has already been below:

Network: divineaff

Provide: Smartlink

Date: November/December 2020

Geo: ALL OF US, UK, DE, NL, CA yet others

Traffic source: TikTok

Expenses: $7

Income: $2489

Revenue: $2479

For this particular TikTok campaign I’ve arranged different Geo Collection 1, you will find how to get it done on forums or even chats. In most instances active VPN is going to be enough. I’ve registered a merchant account (born in 2000) to some temporary email through temp-mail. For account We used 10 movies which I’ve downloaded in the special website. You’ll need short videos having a “storyline” where within 6-7 seconds everyone understands what goes on next. I used well-liked music for my personal videos and additional the phrase “link within bio” to encourage individuals to visit the website landing page. This way already heated up guys will adhere to the wonderful link within the description.

Example 3479$ on Relationship Smartlink from TikTok

Example 3479$ on Relationship Smartlink from TikTok

, before importing videos, let your account 7 days rest and make use of your live gadget for registration. Additionally, after installing popular music about the video and importing all five movies, make the link clickable within the profile. Otherwise all an incredible number of views will drop the drain, since it was in my personal case earlier. To make links clickable you must have a business accounts. This option will come in settings – Change to Pro-account – Business – the categories will help you to set a connect to your site. At the start I used WEB ADDRESS shorteners, but individuals trust domains. Therefore, I used namecheap. com, it’s very easy to create a redirect there, that sets immediately.

Here is a good example of account:


When i said, don’t make my personal mistakes – the hyperlink must be clickable as well as keep all remarks opened, as they provide even greater push within the recommendation.

You can’t increase the amount of likes or sights, you only require live traffic through recommendations. I recommend producing 20-30 accounts daily, it takes regarding 2-3 hours. Should you notice that the views are becoming to drop – attempt to reset to manufacturing plant settings and carry on working. As with regard to devices, iPhones had been quite good, but Androids come with an advantage in cloning applications. So, TikTok can be cloned while using Parallel Space plan and TT formula will think that this can be a new device.

Note that just a couple of accounts will function so well, regarding 1 to 50

When it comes to costs $7 were spent for that proxies (VPN) associated with different countries which i tested. Germany and Canada showed the very best result of all ($1400 for around a week associated with working – Consequence of my student).

Throughout the work with Tiktok, I realized it is important – it doesn’t have to be automated. Only manual work in support of physical devices.



As a direct result my work, I’ve got 1364 conversion rates and profit $2489. EPC had been $ 0. 11 for each click, but it repaid in full.

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