DivineAff – The best way to start your ad campaign

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DivineAff – The best way to start your ad campaign

With over 15 years of experience, DivineAff is a leading direct-traffic network, selling Over 2 billion daily impressions across multiple formats worldwide.

DivineAff is able to achieve the best ROI for advertisers and maximize the publisher’s revenue, by combining great expertise alongside high-performing ambitious team that aims for constant improvement, finding the right balance between top income and great user’s experience.

At DivineAff, the relationships we build with our partners are at the heart of our success – and testament to the quality of our performance.

DivineAff offers their advertisers variety of advertising solution to promote their brands and products through a network with thousands of worldwide advertisers. Our highly advanced self-serve platforms are at our customers’ disposal – helping advertisers launch impactful campaigns in minutes, and publishers implement all the latest tools to monetize all their traffic with the highest eCPM in the industry.

We give our partners the ability to choose their preferred payment method with multiple alternatives that include PayPal, Payoneer, bank wire transfer, Paxum, Epayments and more.

Minimum deposit is $50.

Advertising Solutions:

Pop under: full-page ads in a new window or new tab upon clicking an object on the site providing high user engagement and top revenue.

Get the user at the right point and reach maximum conversion rates.

Push Notification Ads: Relatively new format enabling the user to subscribe to notifications on both mobile and desktop

High user engagement and intent oriented format.

In Page Push Ads (Floating Banner): our latest monetization format which delivers ‘push-like’ sliding banner ads without the need for ‘opt-in’. Designed for maximum user engagement, with a ‘native-like’ experience for customers across any platform, any browser, and any device.

Ad-block Bypass solution: our unique in-house technology will enable you to bypass ad-blockers, ensuring publishers have the right tools to get an additional 20%-30% in revenues from existing traffic which is often hijacked by ad-blockers.


Benefits for advertisers:

– Our main focus is providing our advertisers with high performance and ROI

– Main formats: Pop under, Push Notification, In-Page Push

– Pricing models are CPC and CPM depending on the ad format. If you are a big spender, we might offer you a CPA option.

– Traffic is mainly entertainment-oriented (streaming, gaming etc) and is direct traffic

– We operate on a managed self-service mode, so you always get support when you need it

– We also offer a complete solution for publishers who want to monetize their traffic

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