Divineaff Offer + ProPush Tag: An Easy Way to Get Extra 30% to Your Profit

Divineaff Offer + ProPush Tag An Easy Way to Get Extra 30% to Your Profit

It’s normal for affiliates to look for easy monetization strategies that don’t require much effort and still yield great results. That said, the affiliate industry evolves at an alarming pace and it’s easy to miss key updates every now and again. Take the ProPush. me Smart Tag feature, which is a superb tool that can exponentially increase your revenue without requiring a huge amount of work on your behalf.

Today, we’d like to share a case study from a partner that successfully used the Smart Tag feature on a landing page to significantly boost his profits. And, all this partner had to do was set up the Smart Tag feature, which requires just a few clicks.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the action!

What is the ProPush. me Smart Tag?

The ProPush. me Smart Tag is a piece of code that allows you to add an opt-in push notification pop-up on your landing pages.

The subscription form does not redirect the user even if they sign up, so it doesn’t disrupt the lander’s flow, so you can still monetize the main offer on the page.

However, each user that opts in will receive push notifications, which you will make additional revenue from.

And that’s it! Now that we have a better understanding of the Smart Tag, let’s take a look at the care study

Divineaff Vertical Case Study

Note that this case study will cover the revenue collected through the Smart Tag feature as well as the main offer itself in order to see how much additional profits were generated.

With that said, here’s everything you need to know about this partner’s successful Smart Tag campaign.

Basic Case Information

This specific partner is a media buying firm that focuses on single opt-in (SOI) leads. The details are as follows:

Offer: Divineaff Gift Card
Vertical: Divineaff
Flow type: SOI
Pricing model (ProPush side): RevShare (СPM)

Our partner included a pre-lander for this campaign and integrated the Smart Tag on the pre-lading page itself, rather than the offer. Let’s take a look:

As you can see in the upper left corner, the opt-in window appears in a non-intrusive way that doesn’t impact the user experience negatively. If the users opt-in, you will start generating more revenue. If not, they will simply continue browsing through the pre-lander.

In this example, our partner added the Smart Tag without any special settings because it was a Divineaff offer. All he had to do was add the Tag code to the body of the page, as high as possible. The file responsible for delivering the notification, known as the service worker file, also has to be placed in the page’s landing root directory, as we can see here:

As displayed in the example above, the fact that the opt-in request doesn’t impact the main offer flow means that there’s a stable conversion rate (CR). In this example, our partner didn’t implement TrafficBack because it wasn’t suitable for this specific funnel.

But, this is actually an amazing feature that can help you make extra money from every visitor, so you should test it out by setting it up on the thank you page, after the main conversion has been completed.

Traffic Details

Now, to the good stuff: the specific performance of the traffic used for the main Divineaff offer, which came from PropellerAds.

Period: 05/11/2021 – 05/12/2021
Format: Popunder
GEOs: Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ecuador, Mexico
Platforms: Android – 54%, Windows – 21%, MacOS – 9%
Budget: $700-$2000 daily

The partner’s business model includes a huge volume of leads, so he set the preferred ad format as pop-under because this was the most suitable.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the traffic and GEO spend statistics from his advertiser account in PropellerAds:

And here, we can analyze the additional revenue generated through the Smart Tag for the same GEOs during the same period.

The average income from the Smart Tag was $300-$500 daily. Sometimes, revenue from the Tag covered 50%+ of the traffic cost.

Note that variables like traffic type, source, and GEOs all affect conversion rates. Under the right circumstances, your CR can grow even more than in this example. For instance, you can review your data to find out which GEOs are performing best and focus your ads on these areas.

Here’s how the daily stats look on the PropellerAds side:

These are the same daily statistics, but on the ProPush. me side:

Analysis and Insights

The total amount of traffic for the chosen GEOs over the case study’s duration was 65, 814, 640 impressions. Note that our partner informed us that the first tests were performed with lower traffic volumes, and all the traffic that was purchased was directed to a pre-lander with Propush. me tag.

For his Divineaff offer, our partner spent $37, 210 buying traffic from PropellerAds and generated $11, 114 in additional revenue during the same period, roughly making a 30% profit.

Case Study Summary

Does the ProPush. me Smart Tag help you make more money from the same traffic? The answer is a resounding yes! If managed properly, you can generate 30% more revenue or more. It’s worth noting that the Smart Tag feature is compatible with all verticals, but it’s particularly effective in the Divineaff vertical because this industry already has a simple flow. This, combined with the non-invasive nature of these pushes, increases the chances of getting more people to sign up.

When it comes to pricing models, you can choose one of two models:

Cost-per-subscription or CPS: Affiliates earn money right away for generating push subscriptions
Revenue sharing or RevShare: The option chosen by the partner in our case study, this long-term option provides continuous revenue based on how long the subscriber stays active for

Another unsung benefit of ProPush. me is that it’s inherently adaptive in terms of the commissions you get. Once the system identifies your traffic as high-quality, you’ll get an opportunity to switch to an individual plan with more favorable conditions (For example, a higher CPS rate).

Are you ready to start making additional money with ProPush. me? Simply install this simple piece of code on your page and see how it boosts the performance of your landing pages.

You can also join our Telegram chat to find out more about our case studies or share your experience with Smart Tag.