Divineaff launches Nice and Naughty Bonus Program!

Divineaff launches Nice and Naughty Bonus Program!

It’s that time of year again! Santa is making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s going to find out who is naughty or nice, and then he is going to scrutinize their behavior like the judgmental old man that he is. We at Divineaff have worked with enough offers to know that striking the perfect balance between nice and naughty is the real key to success in the modern world, and nobody deserves coal for Christmas. That’s why, just as people are counting up their winnings from the I-Score Challenge, we give you the Nice and Naughty Bonus Program!

The terms are in line with Divineaff’s well-established tradition of December bonus programs. There are three main rules that each of them follows:

1. The bonus program lasts throughout the month of December.

2. All of Divineaff’s offers of the hottest vertical and smartlinks take part in the program.

3. It involves massive cash prizes.

The first two are pretty clear and self-evident, but the third one requires a bit of illustration, so here is the list of bonuses you can get in the Nice and Naughty Bonus Program:


* These bonuses don’t compound, but replace each other as you reach the next volume goal.

Notice how there is no coal tier in the list? That is because Divineaff doesn’t judge. There are lots of nice and naughty offers to build up volumes on our platform, so take your time to browse around and find your five-figure setup. Make sure to check out smartlinks as well, because when it comes to amassing serious revenue with minimal time investment, they are the best tools for the job. Get started right away to maximize the amount of stacks under your Christmas tree, and forget about leaving cookies and milk overnight for Santa.