Creatives with regard to Sweepstakes vertical release and optimize your own Push campaign

Creatives with regard to Sweepstakes vertical release and optimize your own Push campaign


Today Sweepstakes up and down breaks popularity records within the affiliate marketing world. A lot associated with newbies and experts start running strategies with iPhones lotteries along with other prizes. A wide selection of GEOs, provides, and huge visitors volumes make individuals try their luck to obtain profit. But how about the competition? It’s no solution that making your own campaign unique as well as converting is becoming a lot more difficult. Sweepstakes are well-liked for various visitors types but push ads stick out more than other people.


In this post, experts of the actual RichAds advertising system will share insiders’ tips about the best methods to preparing creatives with regard to Sweepstakes vertical about the examples of divineaff provides. Also, don’t miss your opportunity to know more about how exactly to launch as well as optimize push strategies successfully.


Push creatives summary

Creatives play an essential role in CTR and conversions of your marketing campaign. They should be highly relevant to your audience and focus on the “pain points” associated with users. The creative has a few moments to attract the actual user’s attention and make sure they are click.


Any push creative includes:



short explanation;


main picture.

Don’t forget about emojis which will increase CTR through 5-20% 🔥🎁🎉📱

How you can prepare creatives for the sweepstakes campaign: greatest approaches

We’ve chosen the very best Sweepstakes offers through divineaff platform as well as prepared creatives on their behalf using different methods.


Offer 1 – 8578 WAP INTERNET samsung S20 (with prelander) – SOI or HK


🔸 Innovative 1 (approach: picture of package + 1 brand new message icon).


“You possess (1) new information. Your package is here! ”


🔸 Innovative 2 (approach: a mobile phone in somebody’s fingers + icon from the gift box).


“Want a brand new FREE Galaxy? Click the link! ”


🔸 Innovative 3 (approach: a guy with lots of mobile phones (other gifts) + 1 brand new message icon).


“You possess 1 new information. Log in in order to win Samsung Universe S20”


Offer two – 8418 INTERNET WAP Win universe note 20 extremely FB Pixel SOI or PT


🔸 Innovative 1 (approach: beautiful girl having a cell phone + icon having a cell phone).


“You tend to be lucky! Samsung Universe S20 is your own! ”


Offer 3 – 8653 WAP INTERNET NCC iPhone 11 Professional (with prelander) FACEBOOK Pixel SOI or DE


🔸 Innovative 1 (approach: unpacked mobile phone + icon from the gift box).


Provide 4 – 8654 WAP INTERNET NFL Jersey V2 SOI or US


🔸 Innovative 1 (approach: wide selection of gifts + 1 brand new message icon).


🔸 Innovative 2 (approach: VISA gift + icon from the gift box).


🔸 Innovative 3 (approach: wide range associated with gifts + call for getting involved in surveys).


Checklist: How you can launch a drive campaign?

Prepare creatives for the campaign. 3-5 options along with different approaches will help you perform a/b testing and pick the most converting drive.

Set up conversion rates tracking. This function will help you implement RichAds flagship functions (Target CPA, Automatic rules, Micro bidding) as well as make optimization simpler.

Choose the GEO of the campaign. Make it following how big your budget.

Setup targeting. Use just basic targeting guidelines, for example, cellular or desktop (if a person need), but without having limit of visitors volumes.

Set upward impressions limits. Choose 1 impression daily for the begin.

Specify the price per click. Choose a typical bid asking your own account manager with regard to help.

Don’t ignore daily budget limitations. $25 per day is really a perfect amount to prevent unpredictable spend.

Select all available sublists. It can help to engage because wide audience as you possibly can.

Optimization tips

Don’t go wrong on your campaign despite a successful begin. After getting the very first statistics of the campaign the overall game starts. Now your primary task is in order to interpret this information properly and utilize it to increase your own campaign’s performance.


So what can you pursue throughout optimization?

analyze the information you received;

replace creatives looking for top options;

implement brand new targeting parameters;

alter CPC, impressions limit, etc.

Disable non-converting resources.


If current sources don’t provide you with leads then they must be disabled. If you carry on wasting time and money eventually you will obtain a huge budget invest.


Analyze clients’ information.


One more benefit of optimization which allows you to get more information on your target target audience. For example, exactly what browser, device, or even OS people make use of. Exclude parameters which don’t bring outcomes.


Create a individual campaign for brand new subscribers only.


A fresh target audience may bring you lots of leads but this hypothesis must be checked. Create another campaign for selecting “New Users Only” targeting to judge the results.


Analyze the performance of the creatives and revise creatives regularly.


Even successful creatives often burn out within 5-7 days. The audience simply can’t begin to see the same images for some days. Try change your creatives every once in awhile to avoid droppong associated with conversions rate.


The important thing to success with creatives of the push campaign is within their unicity. Don’t duplicate someone else’s variations. If they carried out great with 1 campaign it doesn’t mean that you’re walking the same amazing results. Get creative together with your campaign and attempt to create something clean and offbeat.


High-quality traffic in the RichAds advertising platform will help you make a revenue! 🤑


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