Buying traffic from Google in the mainstream dating vertical with Divineaff is light and breezy!

Buying traffic

Buying traffic from Google in the mainstream dating vertical with Divineaff is light and breezy!

Here we present you a case from one of the Divineaff partners.

Traffic source: Google Ads

Traffic type: Search

Schedule: 01. 10. 2021 – 08. 11. 2021

Affiliate network: Divineaff

Vertical: Mainstream dating

Offers: SofiaDate, RomanceTicket, CrushDate, Meetville, AsiaDate

Geos: US, UK, CA, AU, NZ

Flow: SOI $10 – $12

Spend: $4600

Revenue: $5836

Profit: $1236

ROI: +27%

Today I want to share a case that was a discovery for me! I know that a lot of people are now trying to drive traffic to clean dating from different traffic sources, but the results are not always successful. Mainstream dating is actively gaining momentum in the industry thanks to high payments and unlimited budgets, and this cannot go unnoticed. So, today I decided to share a good example of how you can drive a lot of traffic, efficiently and profitably!

For about 3 years I have been running different types of campaigns through Google using search, UAC, email, etc., but it always lead to failure and, as a rule, I didn’t have to wait long for bans. It was very tedious to recreate thousands of campaigns every time and then get banned again. I met the Divineaff managers at one of the conferences and they told me how I can send a lot of traffic for a long time.

The solution turned out to be very simple – to send traffic through Google search to review sites.

At the beginning there were many questions, such as how to bypass bans, how to transfer conversions to the account, and how long the account will live. See the answers to all these questions below.

Actually, what does the review site look like and what does it give us?


The review site is a quick overview of the most popular offers on the market. All affiliates value this type of traffic very much, as users are already sorted and motivated to find the woman or man of their dreams. Usually the price for registration from such a source reaches $10-20 in English-speaking locations, which is very good for SOI offers.

The most important thing is that this kind of landing is absolutely allowed by Google and you won’t have any problems with moderation, because the redirect is allowed in this case.

Accounts work for a long time. Even if there are bans, these are bans for the payment method and so on. Therefore, this allows you to significantly save time for something else.

Divineaff provides not only top offers that are always relevant, but also a unique solution – transferring targeted registration from an offer to your Google Ads account. Let’s take a closer look at this. Usually, products with high conversions and ROI have their own specifics regarding the settings for the audience of the purchased traffic. Most often, for mainstream dating, affiliates buy traffic with audience setting – male 45+, which, as statistics show, is the most profitable audience for this vertical. Or, for example, there is a separate Silver Singles category targeting 50+ audiences. However, there are also affiliates who buy traffic with audience setting – 25+ or 35+, but here you need to look at the specifics of the product.

Since you will have registration data that will help you optimize your bids and choose the most suitable keywords, you will be able to reduce the registration cost by several times.

The Divineaff team also took care of creating the review site itself, so you do not need to spend resources on it. If you know which review site works better than the rest or what needs to be improved, the guys are always ready to do it for you! Color, font, number of pages – the manager will take care of all this. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to do everything for yourself, which is very important! You shouldn’t worry about the quality of the selection of offers either. When working with partners, the guys use an individual approach, both in terms of the visuals of the landing page and in terms of the selection of offers.

There is also the possibility of ranking offers, which makes it possible to choose ‘your’ offer and make it a top position for sending traffic on it.

Let’s move on to the numbers:

$4, 600 was spent on sending traffic from Google search to the review site for the period from October 1 to November 8.

We managed to get 372 registrations from this budget, the average registration cost is $12. 4.


The list of offers included the following products:

● SofiaDate – 115 registrations

● RomanceTicket – 96 registrations

● CrushDate – 71 registrations

● Meetville – 55 registrations

● AsiaDate – 35 registrations

And of course, we share the manager’s contacts, who can always prompt, help and solve everything that is needed.

Good luck and successful campaigns to everyone!