provides from Push


Affiliate marketer program: divineaff

Visitors source: Push

Provide: IVR Dating as well as Sweepstakes

Geo: Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria

Time period: 01/02/2021 – 04/13/2021

Price: $ 2585

Income: $ 3333

Revenue: $ 747



Hi everybody, today I wish to share my use IVR offers. They’re quaite brand new at Dating as well as Sweepstake verticals, therefore the result was remarkable personally.


I took Geo Collection 3-4 and delivered traffic from these countries straight to IVR Dating provides, for campaigns We selected 3 areas. Also I find the main options: EPM and also the available traffic quantities in these nations.


Then I released the A/B check between Dating as well as Sweepstakes IVR provides. The table below implies that although the quantities of traffic aren’t probably the most impressive, they already allow us to create some conclusions.


Desk 1. Split check of two verticals.


As the IVR Sweepstakes had been performed better, all of those other campaign was spent by using this vertical.


At the start of the tests I’d 9 offers. Throughout the working week We splitted equal quantity of traffic between just about all products. And at the conclusion of the 7 days, I left just two offers using the best performance as well as I took an additional offer in the event of unforeseen events.


Below I’ve added screenshots of the flow which seems for users


Image 1. Offer circulation


I’ve chosen products that we will promote utilizing push notification. The next phase was analysis associated with how preland influences the ultimate EPM of the actual campaign. I utilized 3 jumps as well as for my shock they reduced last performance by 20%.


Image 2. Example associated with prelanding


I deducted that running traffic straight to the offers is actually more profitable. Kenya had the greatest result.


Some phrases about push as well as creatives.


I made twenty-four push notifications daily, which user will get every hour. In the beginning 24 creative were setup with random rotator. The platform delivered Push independently, but the amount of impressions was equal for every Push notification.


All of the creatives had a typical trend, the similarity with popular internet sites and the textual content “That’s great, a person win! Just click on and grab it”.


The optimization associated with creatives was depending on CTR. After per week, only 12 creatives had been left. So I include 12 more creatives having a completely different CTA. This time around I used ladies, money and numerous expensive devices about the pictures.


But since it turned out, the brand new CTA wasn’t clickable whatsoever. There’re screenshots associated with failed creatives.


Image 4. Examples associated with failed creatives


Image 5. Examples associated with failed creatives.


The easiest CTA was probably the most clickable. After examining creatives and text messaging, I mixed all of them together, and consequently, about 10 creatives worked till the finish of the check. The overall CTR was very good and there had been no outsiders one of the push notifications, therefore further work comprised only on monitoring the statistics.


Image 6. TOP innovative 1


Picture 6. BEST creative 2


Data in tracker sixteen. 02. – 13. ’04


Tab2. Tracker information


CPC was measured by minimal bet on Exoclick upon April, 14




IVR vertical starts great opportunities with regard to monetization of inexpensive CPA traffic through Tier 3-4 nations, it’s an superb start for newcomers in affiliate marketing/ press buying.

Rather comfy Geo for screening languages and funnels.

Small budget due to low competition and low cost for push notices

Good range associated with offers.

Using a far more detailed approach, you have access to a higher RETURN ON INVESTMENT.



All creatives had been in English. A lot of traffic was The

$847 Revenue on divineaff IVR Relationship and Sweepstakes provides from Push

$847 Revenue on divineaff IVR Relationship and Sweepstakes provides from Push

 language speaking audience, however I didn’t have a split test upon that geo. Therefore, I think which using relevant ‘languages’ will grow CTR a minimum of by 20%.

The primary feature of IVR provides is that after hitting the push, you immediately visit SMS or phone the field having a ready text/number (during the actual tests, I almost two times took part in winning the telephone: D). It implies that if a person is inattentive or even clicks badly about the screen of their smartphone, a transformation may count, to help you try some intense pictures or text messaging.

I continue dealing with these offers in order to Geos, but I positively mix push visitors in PPS offers too.

If you possess the technical ability in order to track EPM of every creative, then it is best to focus onto it than CTR.


What must you get money?


Join divineaff. com

Get IVR offers (CPA/Smartlink)

Go to any kind of ad network that is able to sell push for your Geo (as a good example traffichunt. com)

Setup the campaign


After the work you have to count the RETURN ON INVESTMENT. In the situation of negative RETURN ON INVESTMENT, you make optimisation, in the situation of positive RETURN ON INVESTMENT, we repeat stage 5.