2000$ about Twitter Ads inside 3 days

2000$ about Twitter Ads inside 3 days

Hello there all, dear close friends! Today I wish to discuss Twitter and also share my thoughts concerning this site, because it is probably the most popular social networks on earth + it has a unique Ads manager.

Right after reading many strings, forums and sites and didn’t finding those people who are advertising on Twitting, I will make an effort to describe everything plainly (attention, lots regarding text, so you should be patient).

I’ll focus on a minimal lecture…

Twitter is probably the top ten social networks on earth in terms regarding active users (ranked next: 330 million month to month users and 145 thousand daily active people, which is 40% with the total). It can be a platform for revealing ideas, real moment information and related news, well, and just sharing pics which can be not meaningful (cats/dogs/landscapes/cars/yachts/selfies) and this social network keeps countless hashtags in that. It’s a spot where people arrive at see and be involved in the conversation about every little thing going on on earth.


Why not utilize Twitter ads to succeed in your target market?

Especially since people aren’t overloaded simply by information (yet) with ads and so are fairly loyal to be able to commercial content.

Back in 2017 I ran across a page with the well-known company “***ZZ***”, where they were really honestly spinning “upcoming news” of these studio.. You see a tweet, which will welcome you with all the notification “The pursuing media includes probably sensitive content” and after it seems a “View” option, which warns you that when you agree, the mid-roll by means of a video clip will probably be available.

At the start and end with the video comes the integration with the studio itself and in the bottom is a website link provided, which when clicked takes you to a pay-link with either package and price category of course, if you join their particular membership, you’ll access all the fresh stuff.


“Interesting”…. My partner and i thought. And in my head during those times came up using a “brilliant idea” – to promote traffic on the particular dating site by means of twitter, because during those times the niche has been completely empty rather than busy. I assume which you already have and endless choice of questions, but let’s will end up in sequence:

1) Regarding whom and regarding what objectives would certainly Twitter ads become appropriate?

2) What formats can be obtained and when is the better time to have used them?

3) How much can it cost to market on Twitter and how will you set it upwards?


At the moment this is a treasure for promoters, because it displays great results (which I am going to show later). Twitter’s market is divided directly into specific communities. It’s a really “local” community, it’s not necessarily Google Ads together with huge coverage regarding everybody. That is exactly why advertising on Twitter has to be approached wisely, but for certain tasks it is the best advertising and marketing platform, because the key purpose of advertising and marketing on Twitter:


– Interest (Twitter tries showing you ads that you will find interesting and beneficial to you, thus it has the identical developed by AI, in accordance with which it adapts regarding interest, age, terminology, geo and other folks. In short, in the same manner it collects information regarding the user (like any social network) and also broadcasts your interests);

– discussion (watching videos, putting in applications, visits for the site, likes and also retweets, followers, keys to press on hashtags);

– Iphone app re-engagement (open, up-date, or take action on your own app with a great app re-engagement campaign).

Much like all sweet presents, there’s always slightly but… Twitter adverts are banned coming from promoting 18+ content… Thus, a little considered + logic and we get yourself a recipe for accomplishment. As the well-known declaring goes: “If you would like to live, you need to know how to spin and rewrite, ” which is why once again we need to resort to a method of “modifications” (about and also this a little later)

There are numerous ways to advertise on Twitter, but I will only inform you of one that We have worked with. It is a “promoted tweet” with which we could relay information to your future leads. We could promote text details, images, GIFs, video tutorials and polls. Plus a huge plus is the information can be shown to a specific market (in this circumstance, those who want in Dating), but not to all or any subscribers (we don’t need to get followers that will follow our Twitting – no), it means that we do not require followers at almost all.

Twitter is having an auction model, considering how big is the bid, the particular ad, the intended market, and the opposition. Consequently, the pricing product depends on the sort of advertisement, but inside our case we will probably pay only for keys to press. The system works together post-pay (I hope you recognize what I mean). The common price per simply click ranges from 0. 5 to some dollars (but personally within my example it has been less).

So, now consider my manual: just what, how and exactly why.


Step 1.

Let’s start with creating a Twitting account.

We generate it under any woman’s name. Inside the bio we write a pastime in “new colleagues, meetings, relationships or perhaps relationships without obligation”. Around the avatar, preferably, set some young quite girl (for the choice), but with out 18+, so the profile would correspond to a real particular person.

Step 2.

Head to Ads Twitter Manager and select “Create campaign” And we directly belong to the creation individuals future campaign.



We see many goals that AdsManager can do, but we have been only interested in a: “Website clicks”, to acquire our future CTR installed to the PP also to earn cash today.


Step 4.

Subsequent, we look on the details of our own company. We give that a name and prescribe budgets. Everyday and total. Consequently, we can produce a test run, as an example, $10 and next modify our strategy, according to that which you are keen on. (I started together with 30 $ overall, +/- 10 bucks in one day, for a more descriptive sampling and test).


From then on, we choose “Autobid”. Twitting recommends launching that through autobid, and it will determine the further expense per click to get the best exhibits for users with the social network.


In “Demographics” we enter that individuals are interested inside both: men and also women.

Be sure to set the age of majority (18+), in my case My partner and i put 25+ to produce all payments, and set older: “And up”.

Thus here we move! We see which our ads will be thinking about at least 43. 7 thousand users. In the terminology we put English (since we have been primarily interested inside the EU/US/AU region).


From then on we see the particular Devices setup.

The following we choose “Android 10 and also above” + “iOS 10 and also above”. I would like to point out that this is probably the most important factors, since we pick Android 10 and also above because folks are more solvent + in a few Networks there are difficulties with payment from android os below 6. 0, so if we usually do not pay proper consideration, you run the chance of advertising inside 0.


After in which, we see “Targeting characteristics.

Here we prescribe every one of the keywords (I’m not planning to tell you mine) on the main topics dating, meetings, interactions, flirting, and other items. In short, carrying out keywords targeting about interests.

An important factor: in the passions necessarily prescribe “Society – Dating”, in order that our targeting has been as accurate as you can.


Let’s take a review of “Placements”.

Here we all choose “Profiles” and also “Search results”.

We choose those two threads and after launching we could already manage the particular placements, because we will already about have some information following your first day regarding advertising. That will be, conventionally, if we’ve good work simply profiles, then leave them and eliminate the search results, and also vice versa. Within my case, both showed results once i set up, therefore i left both.


And now we all get to just about the most fundamental and final settings individuals future campaign – “Twitter Market Platform”. We check the particular “On” tab and check every one of the formats.

Now for one of the most responsible area of the job. If you look closely on the orange exclamation indicate, we understand in which without creatives we can’t speak about any targeting.


Stage 5.

Creating a great advertising tweet and also uploading banners.

To start with, we need to generate our tweet using a link, which will probably be advertised, as well since upload banners (here you should practice, think and imagine what you desire to see at the particular user’s place). As i wrote above, Twitter can be a closed community regarding insiders, so banners that individuals upload in 99% of cases will probably be twisted on Twitter itself and in addition on partner sites


  1. S.: all things considered the “operations” we all see these statistics around the audience:


Step 6.

Making a “spacer”

Now we must create an external link by means of a spacer. My partner and i used sites. yahoo. com to develop a “spacer”, including improving trust from Twitting.


For this I downloaded the initial picture I found for your background and came into a trivial issue: “Are you over 18 yrs . old? ” Created the proper execution with the response only “Yes”, because it creates interest from your user, because now he could be very interested in what exactly is behind this response, because our user is seeking “18+” to jazz up his evening, respectively, he can click this button minus the slightest doubt and also reflection.

After clicking “Yes” an individual falls into our own funnel and sees these (one example, We have a total regarding 12)


And from then on fall on our own land (also extended into 8 diverse pre-lands):


Step 7.

Targeted traffic expansion

I employed AdsBridge tracker regarding traffic expansion, because I are already working with it for some time and got utilized to its interface.

Generate two different enlargement channels for diverse devices. In our case they’re iOS and Android os. What are we carrying it out for? In buy to monetize targeted traffic by 100% we all specify the enlargement, since some providers just pay for iOS and only for Android.


Stage 8.

View figures. How successful will be our test?

After our ad runs and provides us stats (like rotating off our $10 test), we could see these numbers: 197 visits and also 132 clicks. That’s pretty good in the first place.


Then created a couple of more accounts (3 inside total). For different mail and different payment cards (virtual charge cards to help) and also connected everything to be able to divineaff (after the particular test looked offer you to Australia and retargeted every one of the traffic there, because payments have been very sweet around the prediction)

IMPORTANT TAKE NOTE: Tweets, creos and hashtags really should not be the same, so you should be creative.


Online: divineaff

Offer: Courting

Advertise period: 06. 12-08. 12

Geo: Quarterly report

Source: Twitter

Expense: ~$30

Profit: ~$200

As a result of the features employed, divineaff offers and also Twitter – almost all worked themselves for the fullest. ROI shows merely a crazy figure with minimal cost!

Twitter has demonstrated itself quite loyal to this type of content, if an individual bypass their principles. Australia is really profitable, especially being a test, and the “divineaff” yet again showed itself being a trusted partner.

Bottom line: with imagination, essential thinking, free time (3 hours were used on everything, all future – passive), a small sum and like a partner of divineaff you possibly can make money literally “out regarding thin air”.